Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Q-Sensei launches FeedBooster

Q-Sensei has launched its FeedBooster, a free advanced web-based feed reader with unique and powerful search technology enabling users to "boost" productivity by quickly and accurately honing in on relevant and timely information from the wealth of RSS news, blogs and business feeds. Q-Sensei's FeedBooster eliminates the stress of being 'behind' on reading, tagging and bookmarking feeds. It features a customizable dashboard to read and access feeds, powered with Q-Sensei's patented multi-dimensional search technology that lets readers easily search, browse, discover and share key information when and as they need it. FeedBooster becomes a powerful archive and controlled knowledge tool turning RSS subscriptions into a mine of information, whether for a casual reader's interest in cultural news or for an executive's interest in company and market trend information to maintain competitive advantage